1. We visited DJ's brother and his wife in beautiful Carnation, WA for Shade's 21st birthday. They have a beautiful home on 5 acres of very "pacific northwest" property. So much green you can't believe there IS that much green in one place. I took a quick walk before we left for home and this is one of the images I love from that. A beautiful tree reaching for the tiny patch of blue, as seen in a puddle reflection. I love reflection shots. They're magic.
  2. Took the above photo with my new little walking around baby, the Nikon P7100. A point and shoot, but with some definite pro benes (RAW files, decent response time.) A late Christmas present to me. It's not pocketsize really, but pretty small and easy to throw in a purse. I have it with me always.
  3. Found, and fell in love with, NOOSA yoghurt. Absolutely the BEST yoghurt I've ever had. It's called "Australian" (I guess, as opposed to Greek?) and it has a velvety smoothness I can't adequately describe. This was a product that purely led me to try it by it's beautiful design and marketing. Obviously I am a sucker for good design and this does not disappoint. The bad news is, I have discovered I do much better, health-wise, on a mostly Paleo lifestyle (diet) and so all dairy is out. I might work some of this back in after awhile, but for now, I can not believe the difference in how I feel after cutting out all dairy, grains and sugar. Like superman good. I am the girl who got sick with every bug that comes in the house, and since I've been exercising and eating clean (mostly clean) I've had 1 cold (that was really short-lived and not very bad) and nothing else that has run through family or friends has gotten to me. It could be coincidence, but I don't think so. More on this later. But I digress. If you love yoghurt, this is a MUST TRY.
  4. I blew past 35 lbs shortly after 30, but never posted it. Since then, however, I have been bouncing between there and 40 lbs for a couple weeks so can't claim that one yet. I will get there. The clean eating is helping and I have restructured my workouts a bit. Less is more style. Quality over quantity. I realized it's not realistic of me to think I will spend 400+ minutes doing cardio every week for the rest of my life. I'm working in some high intensity intervals and will see how that goes.
  5. Are you one of the 80 bazillion people who have downloaded Draw Something in the last couple weeks? I am. It's a fun drawing game/app, like Pictionary, you play against others online (via tablet or smartphone.) Pretty fun and much better for your creativity brain than Angry Birds. Or so I'm guessing, since I haven't played Angry Birds...