Project 18 (photo): I had a family photo session on Sunday. While I may not normally count this as a "Project" I am this time, because, well, I got injured, and didn't have time to do anything else. THat's also why I'm a day late posting. Yours truly took a full-on fall to her knees, then shoulder, then ending in an embarrassing turtle-on-its-back pose on the wet, dirty gravel. I was also carrying all my gear (camera, monopod, bag of lenses) and had the instinct to cradle my camera and keep it from breaking. My knees that night were the size of cut-in-half softballs and were bloodied and hurting. The swelling has gone down some, but they still aren't as bendy as they should be. I was thankful that I've known this family for years so it wasn't QUITE as embarrassing as it could have been if I'd just been meeting them. Anyway, totally worth it as I got to spend time with them and got some really nice family portraits of a really beautiful family. Win-win!