OK, I know it's Saturday and not Friday, but I didn't really miss yesterday. I had this project done, but I worked til 5, then went straight to a friend's birthday party (pre-party), then home and fed my kids, then went straight to my husband's/friend's poker party. Then came home, then made hubby the chili he INSISTED HE NEEDED AT MIDNIGHT, then cleaned up the chili he spilled across 3/4 of the light-colored living room rug...Fun night, yo.

Project 9 (fabric): Quilted wrap bracelet/cuff. Had an idea the other day for a wrap bracelet with a series of buttonholes that the fabric strip could pass through to allow the button to end up back around the right side for fastening. Made a paper template, adjusted the length and location of holes and button until it seemed that IN THEORY it should work. Went for it and it did. Love how it came out. Basically, take a piece of batting or fleece about 17-18 inches long and 2-3 inches high. Quilt the front with fabric scraps (notice a trend, I'm a big "scraps" kinda girl), cut a piece of backing fabric the same size. Sew them right sides together, leaving a 3-4 inch hole on one long side for turning it rightside out. Trim and push out the corners as best you can to square them up. Close the hole with either a hidden stitch or tuck the ends in and stitch close to the edge all the way around to close (this is what I do, I'm generally too impatient to hand sew anything.) On the right hand side, sew a button 1" from the edge. On the left hand side, use your machine (big grommets would also work - oohh, next idea) to sew a (vertical) button hole (that will accommodate the button) about 1/2-1" from the edge. Sew another vertical button hole about 6" from the left edge that is as tall as you can make it without going in to the edge stitching. What you do to wear it is pass the button end through the middle button hole, this makes the cuff you put your wrist through. Then continue wrapping the ends around to meet, and button close, on the opposite side. I love how it came out and can't wait to make more. Love big, chunky cuffs.

OK, now I still have today's SOMETHING left to make and upload. Better get busy, see you later today...