I love the start of a new month. Each one signals a fresh start, a chance to create some lasting body of work. Photo-a-day projects, knit-alongs, holiday gift-a-thons. I love them all and fail to remember that my personal biggest challenge is not getting bored before the time period is up. I am more of an idea girl, only passionately in love with creating that one sample that shows my idea worked. It's pure genius! Look at what I created! I'm going to make 1,000 more! I often get so far as to buy all the supplies, get them started, assembly style (because I like being efficient) and then...well, I get bored. The project(s), in various states of doneness, sit on the kitchen table and taunt me, until, finally, I get rid of them.

Well, November rolled around and, guess what? I want to do a monthly project-a-day kind of project. Go figure. But this time it'll be different. No, really! I figure if I give myself a little variety (5 mediums), but still a little constraint (6 ways) (too much freedom is often paralyzing), I have a better chance of completing my self-imposed challenge. Plus, I'm hoping I end up with a few holiday gifts I can check off my list. Even if they only go to me :)

My 5 mediums are paper, photo, fabric, pen (real and/or digital) and string. Wish me luck!

Since I just came up with this hair-brained idea today, I'm keeping today's easy. I loved this simple photo, taken this morning, of the view through my windshield as I started my car to go to work. Love the color and suspended leaves. Fall is so magical. Decided to make this into a desktop background for my computer. To keep it functional as well as beautiful, I included a monthly calendar and some organizational panels for my desktop icons. (I place related icons on those colored areas so they don't get lost in the photo.)

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