Muffins are so good, pretty easy, filling and delicious. But if I had to choose one, a standby, it would be the humble and common blueberry muffin. You can find them almost anywhere and they're (almost) always satisfying. It was what my mom made often, on weekend mornings or when we were camping, and what I remember as my favorite breakfast. Of course then, my mom made them from a box mix. Always with the little can of blueberries. My mom never drained the berries, always including the "juice" in with the called-for liquid. Added more flavor she said. I was an adult before I realized that blueberry muffins aren't supposed to be that greyish-greenish-blue in the batter.

This morning, nursing a sore body and skipping my Saturday morning at the gym, I decided blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs would be the perect start to the day. I love the internet, where a few clicks on the keyboard brings a multitude of options for just about anything. I chose this recipe from and was not disappointed. The best part about muffins is the leftover ones waiting to be the perfect snack later in the day.

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