I fell in love with the man who would become my husband over a meal I never even ate. I never even saw. We first became aware of each other over a Compuserve chat room and bantered back and forth for nearly 3 years. When it became apparent to both of us that we wanted to meet in real life, I asked him to drive to Seattle to meet me, about 3 hours from where he lived in central Washington state. The first day I suggested meeting he informed me he couldn't come because it was his mom's birthday and he was going to grill her some steaks to celebrate. I thought it sweet that he was doing this with his mother. It was a "good sign." Fast forward several weeks and I was in his town on a warm early summer evening. We picked up T-bone steaks and grilled on the patio, again, at his mom's house, and I have never tasted a better meal. Steaks are what we return to when celebrating or enjoying a beautiful day. Forward again fourteen years later and when DJ asked me what I wanted for Mother's day, this was it. Charcoal grilled New York steaks with Idaho bakers on the side. So simple. So good. Happy day to all those amazing women I know mothering their children and doing a damn fine job at it to boot. You inspire me.