We see our kids everyday. The changes are so subtle that they seem to sneak up on us. A tilt of the head, a roll of the eyes and suddenly the baby is gone and standing in her place is someone acting a whole lot like a teenager. My 12 isn't a teen yet, just barely turned 12, but has appeared to turn that corner. While we were on vacation last week, 17 asked 12 if she could straighten her hair. 12's big, unruly hair has always been our battleground, with her unwilling to keep it brushed and equally resistant to letting me do it. But all it took was big sister's interest in making it pretty and suddenly it seemed she grew up in an instant. Last night, as DJ and I were laying in bed rehashing our days, he made the comment that he has "no more little girls" and it sounded as much sad as it did wistful. Nope, no more little girls. :(