1. Christopher Hitchens died this week. Despite not agreeing completely with everything he said, I did love that he didn’t tell us what to think, but taught us how to think. He asked of us that we DO think, that we DO question, that we DO love, that we do LIVE. Himself to the end, his words and the fires he lit will burn brightly for a very, very long time. (Photo via Vanity Fair for reference only.)
  2. Lumps of coal for all my co-workers and friends. Because I’m quite sure they’ve all been naughty at some point this year. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be my friends :) Make your basic “Rice Crispies treat” recipe but instead use a chocolate cereal and peppermint-flavored marshmallows. Add some black food coloring and scoop irregular-sized lumps onto waxed paper to cool. Package up and then warn everyone that it tastes delicious, but WILL dye your mouth and teeth black while eating. Well, only warn the friends who deserve it :) (Idea for packaging design from here.)
  3. Love my new Vessel drinkware. Double-walled, glass, 16 oz., with a removable strainer. You put loose tea inside, add water, replace the strainer and drink. The strainer keeps all the loose tea in the bottom, just letting the tea through. I’ve gone through a whole box of Oolong in a week with this cup.
  4. This week was our cookie exchange at work. How awesome it is to bake ONE kind of cookie and magically turn that into SIX different kinds of cookies, each equally delicious. Can we have cookie exchange once a month? (I made these ones.)
  5. New friends (and new parents) Greer and Brian welcomed sweet baby boy, Bryce, earlier this Fall and I am the lucky girl they asked to photograph their new little family. Thank you!