1. My daughter and I were lucky enough to be two of the eight lucky people to participate in a CreativeLive workshop in Seattle. Holiday cupcake and cookie decorating featuring Lucinda Larson. Had fun, learned cool tricks and we came home with this assortment of gorgeous, delicious cupcakes that WE MADE OURSELVES. Fo' realz!
  2. Same daughter (the pastry culinary student,) made dessert for Thanksgiving (her first ever "from-scratch".) A pumpkin-pecan cheesecake that was ah-may-zing! Can't wait for another piece tonight!
  3. My daughter and a friend rescued a homeless baby rabbit and my mother-in-law fell in love with him, so now Peter rabbit lives at her house. So cute, oh my, maybe we should have kept him ourselves?
  4. So grateful I DON'T participate in "Black Friday!" It's ridiculously crazy, full of rude, pushy people, overheated (over-smelly) and the total opposite of the compassion for fellow humans that this season means. I think a much better idea would be 'Giving Friday," where we all try to donate as much as possible to organizations like the Goodwill. Everyone needs to admit we have TOO MUCH UNNEEDED STUFF and surely someone else would appreciate it.
  5. A little print I made that is available in my Society6 shop. "If you know how to swim, an ocean's depth doesn't matter." Teach your kids to swim, literally and figuratively, and they will be better prepared for whatever life throws at them.