A few more images of my daughter. I mentioned earlier she is thinking of modeling. She has the height and is interested in the fashion industry. She recently entered a contest where she had to make a fashion related video for JCPenny and Seventeen magazine. The top 10 videos were chosen by Seventeen and then voted on by the public. She was one of the top ten picked and then ended up 6th and won an iPad. She was pretty happy, to say the least. Next, she entered the "E! Live from the Red Carpet with Adrianna Papell" contest where she had to design a red-carpet dress and, again, the top entries were chosen and will be voted on. She was one of the chosen entries so that voting window begins Monday on Facebook. If chosen her dress will actually be made and worn.

Anyway, all that background to say I am proud of her for continuing to do what she can to further her interest, even when she doesn't always have the same opportunities as others may have (because we don't live in a metropolitan area). She does what she can, when she can, and has never given up on continuing her interests.

We've been working on a portfolio over the summer and had another shoot last weekend. These are a few of those shots.