Boy, I've been absent from here. No apologies though, life happens. STUFF happens. Just because you haven't seen any evidence of me though, doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Like. A. Bee. Or a beaver? Which is busier? Whichever it is, I think I have them topped this last couple o' months.

My first born, pride AND joy, baby girl (who's TWENTY, O-M-G!) moved to Seattle to go to culinary school at the Seattle Culinary Academy to study "Specialty Desserts and Breads." Hello, can you say "sign-me-up-as-a-taste-tester?"

I started a new personal project, because I don't have ENOUGH to do...Called "Friday 5ive: A collection of observances." It will be just that. A bit of photography mixed with design, maybe mixed with some random blathering on things I have OBSERVED or that have occurred to me. Words and pics and all the goodness that entails, summed up nicely (or not-so-nicely) on a Friday.

This week:

  1. This is a BIG, awesome, graphic poster I made for that 20-year-old-pride-and-joy mentioned above (and in number 5, below.) She is the brand new renter of a cute little studio apartment on Capitol Hill (in Seattle) with big hopes of being modern and graphic and hip and cool and all that jazz that comes with having your own place for the first time. I wanted to create something to fit that bill for her, so she came up with some of her favorite song lyrics (from her self-proclaimed "hubby" and hot frontman, Adam Levine) and I turned them into this very cool, very BIG, piece for her wall. I LOVE the graphic feel of black and white and WORDS.
  2. Can you believe someone who has been working as a graphic artist and photographer for OVER TWENTY YEARS has never had herself a business card? Crazy, I know, what?? Oh, I design them all the time, but I never have them printed. Never needed to, to be honest, business is just fine, thank you. But, I got tired of saying "I don't have a card" and so finally crossed this of the old "to do" list recently. The back is my favorite wacky duck photo that is frequently seen on my website and blog.
  3. This family is moving and taking a little piece of my heart with them. But, they are going somewhere they really are excited about AND they are flying me out to continue shooting them this winter. Yay, so looking forward to warm Austin, TX in January when it's a thousand degrees below zero in Wenatchee. This little guy will be turning 1 when I'm there and it's the perfect conclusion to our year together of documenting his entire first year.
  4. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is coming to Wenatchee. And, as I have had the honor of doing for many years, I got to design all their promotional material. Posters and banners and t-shirts, OH MY! Please don't miss this, if you're at all interested. The cast is HUGE this year (180+) and tickets will go super fast, with those adoring family members and fans snapping them up. The Wenatchee School District does an OUTSTANDING job with each and every production they do and this will be no exception.
  5. I have been going to Seattle every single weekend for weeks and weeks, trying to help pride-and-joy girl, above, find that very special apartment. We have had a load of fun walking the streets of downtown together, her and I, and I will always treasure that time now that she is out on her own and I survived the minor mental breakdown I almost had when I realized that, "yes, your children do eventually move out and it is heartbreaking." I miss her like you can't imagine and am equally happy and excited for her. Such a salty/sweet combination. Love you baby girl.

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