You may remember No. 1 from 2 years ago, and now, no. 2 is a senior herself. One of the benefits of being a photographer is getting to shoot your kids whenever the mood strikes. One of the real life problems of being a photographer is you never seem to get around to doing the actual shooting. With her high school yearbook photo deadline looming, I am having to get creative in finding a few minutes here and there where Carsey and I can actually get together long enough to make a few frames. A couple days ago, she received some boots in the mail she had ordered online and, like many teen girls, immediately ran upstairs to try on the outfit that the boots completed. When she came downstairs to show off, I realized right then was a perfect moment. I convinced her to just walk outside with me, 5 minutes top, I promise, and thus began the first of several mini-mini-mini "sessions" we'll use to build together a full "senior session" before the yearbook deadline. This is a first look of what we came up with.

Oh, and Carsey...Love you to the moon baby.