I have a love/hate (mostly hate/hate) relationship with the word "epic." It used to be good. Great, even. EPIC, even. Until a bazillion wedding photographers started describing their latest wedding as epic. Each more EPIC than the last. Then it caught on in mainstream conversation. Sort of like "awesome" in the 80's. Only way more annoying. So recently, my friend asked me to design a birthday invite for her 6-year-old daughter's birthday. Inspired by the rainbow cake, she wanted a rainbow-themed inivite. An EPIC RAINBOW BIRTHDAY! The invite came out super cool, in all the rainbow candy-colored goodness of any 6-year-old's dreams.

Today though, I wanted a grown-up version. No rainbow-brite colors, no perfect placement. A tribute to bad press jobs and low-budget color everywhere. I ended up with this (below) and am really loving it! It's available in my Society6 shop and just makes me super happy. EPIC-LY happy.