Five minutes flat. That's all it took to walk around the "short block." We have an alley, so if we only go to the alley entrance and back around to our house it takes about 5 minutes to walk. I had read an interesting article that reminded me I haven't used my telephoto lens in a long time and I never used it as a macro lens (lets you focus close to the subject.) So I took the walk around the short block with the telephoto lens and in 5 minutes I saw some pretty gorgeous sights. There wasn't even any "good light" and it was really breezy so my hopes weren't high. In those 5 minutes I saw Feesbot, my neighbor's cat, sitting in another neighbor's driveway, another neighbor's blackberry bush (where most of the berries were red instead, but I found a plump dark one and popped it in my mouth...sweet) and yet another neighbor's apricot tree. Around the corner I spied a whole group of cooing pigeons under roof eaves and a stand of deadhead flower seed pods that had an awesome silhouette. Oh, and my own petunias in the hanging basket I had watered earlier. 5 minutes and at least a half dozen beautiful summer shots. Totally worth it!

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