I'd like to say I was on vacation in the south of France, watching the sun set over golden hills. I'd LIKE to say I was in Santorini, Greece seeing water so blue it made me weep. Sadly, noeither of those are true and instead we've had a nearly three week bout of on-again, off-again flu go through every member of our family at different times and intensities. It's been rainy and we've felt yucky and not much has happened in the household worth mentioning. Other than surviving, of course, which is really what's important.

We've had a few things going on, which is par for the course with the approaching summer. Finally, FINALLY, getting a little sun. High school prom, school functions and field trips and the start of an itchy green thumb. I have tomatoes to plant, Indy and I made 4 terrariums full of cacti and succulents and bought (and fed!) a Venus Fly Trap. A few pics below because the light was good and my teens were agreaable to being photographed (if you knew how rare that was...), one right before prom dinner and a cell-pic at Lowe's because the flowers were gorgeous in the light. You know, LIFE, or business as usual.