Wow. Just wow. My first born baby is 19. Almost out of the teens and really, truly an adult (as opposed to just trying to act like one!) Two recent pics, here she is studying for a college math test (and trying to watch American Idol at the same time) and on the right, getting ready for a "hot date" (ha ha, with her sister) to watch Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland".

Here are 19 things about Shade on her 19th birthday:

  • Her favorite food is pepperoni pizza
  • She plays volleyball on her college team
  • She hates to disappoint people
  • She's extremely loyal
  • She's really strong
  • She's pretty shy
  • Team Edward over team Jacob
  • Loves movies
  • Loves fruit (would be a "fruitatarian" if she could
  • Loves to sleep but is a night-owl
  • Really picky eater. Really.
  • Calls her favorite famous hotties her "husbands" (as in, "Hugh Laurie on House? Yeah, he's one of my husbands")
  • She hates attention
  • Still would love a pony for her birthday
  • Doesn't like the quiet
  • Has really long hair
  • Can be ready to leave in 10 minutes
  • Is more artistic and smarter than she gives herself credit for
  • Is loved more than she could ever know