Cross your fingers for me, I may or may not have some exciting goings-on in the near future. That's all I can say for now. Don't you hate when people do that?

Also, recently saw a fabulous quote and knew I had to illustrate it. It suits how I feel so perfectly. This is also available in my print shop at many different, and very affordable, sizes. I highly suggest the 18x12, which is the size I designed it. Art this colorful just says it better big. I have been ordering and framing copies of my own stuff lately, the design stuff, and I am loving how cheerful it makes me. Looks fabulous on the wall and this one would be so sweet in a child's bedroom. Such good words of wisdom because so much of who we are is determined by how we handle the situations we find ourselves in. Another thing I would love my daughters to remember.

Have a great weekend!