Below is my latest page, week no. 7, in what will eventually become a year-long book of messages/reminders I want to leave my daughters. Not sure how many of my readers are local to my town, but those of you who are will undoubtedly be caught up in the heartbreak this community is experiencing from the loss of one of our own children, Mackenzie Cowell, who disappeared Feb. 9, 2010. My very close friend, Stephanie Fry, was the photographer who had taken Mackenzie's senior photos and she has a bittersweet reminder on her site about the importance of photos. Although my daughters weren't close to Mackenzie, they attended the same school and are so shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of this young woman. In the aftermath of grieving, we've had lots of discussions about paying attention to your surroundings and heeding that inner voice that might be trying to protect you. It's a fine line, trying to teach your kids to be independent and "fearless", while also wanting them to not be gullible or susceptible to harm. RIP Mackenzie, the whole community mournes your loss.