We met him at Penney's to help pick out a tie to match her dress. We were there looking for THE shoes. You know, the shoes every girl knows will complete the dress just so? We found the tie in about 10 seconds, the shoes, not so easily. In fact she ended up buying a pair of boots instead ("Mom, I've been looking for these FOR-EV-ER...") and wearing a pair she already had. He made her a special dinner, complete with candlelight, sparkling cider and "romantic music" and they both laughed when "Take My Breath Away" came on as if planned. I asked them to give me a call when they were headed to the dance and meet me in one of my favorite downtown photo spots for 10 minutes. We grabbed a few frames in the pitch dark (a first for me), had a few laughs and off they went to Homecoming. Oh to be 17 again. Or 18. Or 19. Or...you get the idea!