My one and only blonde daughter decided to go brunette. I loved her blonde, I love her brunette and either way, wow, she is so beautiful! Is it appropriate to be jealous of your own kid?? Probably not. Anyway, this is a photo of my middle daughter taken with a cheap "point and shoot" camera. Nothing fancy, but, and here's the important part, it was HANDY. What's the best camera? The one with you, or the one you'll use. Ghetto lighting all the way (a lamp on the floor beside her, in an all white closet.) It gave a really nice "beauty-dish" look. "Beauty-dish" being a type of lighting used in the cosmetic industry to achieve that flat, shadowless, even light on a face close-up. Yes, a bit overexposed, but shot in auto, with a camera that was HANDY, it's a shot I love that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I did a bit of hilight recovery in LAB to bring back a bit of the skin and ran a few favorite TRA actions (+Contrast Luma and Lux-soft), as well as sharpened the eyes and lips (using the duplicate>overlay>high pass method). That finished the middle color image. I then tried a "greyscale-ish" version by running a TRA recipe (sorry but I couldn't find it online any longer. It ts Brooklyn and Get Faded Winter at 40%) and then adding back in some warmth. Love the different feel to each version!

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