The confession being: Apparently I am an idiot. Or an Ee-jit as my friend would pronounce it when I do something really stupid.

What could be so stupid, you ask? For all this time I have had this blog, I have never knowingly recieved any comments to my posts. I knew that was normal because no one knew I was out here in cyperspace anyway. (I hate the term cyberspace, by the way.) Well a certain amount of time has gone by and still, no comments. I'm not all braggin' up on my work, but I think I post some decent stuff sometimes and I am trying to post Before and Afters because one thing I am passionate about in photography (and design and everything else I like to dabble in) is education. I LOVE to pass on what I know (after all, someone passed it on to me at some point). So it was hurting my little feelings that no one has ever commented. Today I was looking at the "guts" of my blog (all the boring admin stuff) and noticed I had SEVENTY-ONE comments "awaiting moderation". 71! I felt like Sally Fields "you like me, you really like me." I was an idiot for not knowing I had comment moderation turned on. And for not checking earlier to see what the deal was.

So forgive me. All 71 of you who have taken the time to comment! I was not being a snob, really, my momma' taught me to be grateful and to always say thank you and I do appreciate anyone taking the time to drop me a few words. There were comments from so many talented people, people whose blogs I read and comment on myself, and I would be ashamed if anyone thought I was being rude. I've turned off the moderation and I'm going to make it a point to go visit all of your blogs (if you left an address) and thank you personally.

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