I found the coolest nursery. Called the Sleepy Hollow nursery, between Wenatchee and Cashmere, WA, and they have amazingly beautiful plants, yes, but the entire grounds are set up with bright, colorful adirondack chairs, little tables, potting sheds, etc. It looks so peaceful I can't wait to go back and sit, and enjoy, the space. Today's visit was for a different purpose however. They have rows and rows of blueberry bushes and you can pick your own for $3/pint. Dusky, sweet blues, warm from the sun, bursting with flavor. The proprietors even said the way to know if you're in a good spot is to pop one in your mouth. Well, okay, if you insist. Suffice it to say, I found myself in the right spot many, many times. What a treat to find so close to home. I'm sure I'll go back once more while the berries are in season and am sure it will become a new summer tradition.