Back from a little road trip through eastern Washington, Montana and down into central Idaho. We make the drive often, to visit my parents, and I always look forward to the trip as much as the destination. Such a beautiful drive. Well, from here to Spokane, not as much, unless you hit it at the right time. The rolling fields of the Palouse are still pretty amazing in the golden light of dusk, but other than that, it's a whole lot of sameness for several hours. Once you leave Spokane though, and head torwards Couer d'Alene, Idaho, it's beautiful. We always stop somewhere in Montana for the night. We could go all in one day but it's a long haul with kids. Love those small town Montana truck-stop areas with nothing more than a hotel, a big giftshop full of everything huckleberry and a gas station. And seriously, Montana skies are amazing. I have never seen a boring sky in that state. On this trip we even had a front row seat to a thunder storm. My tripod was in the car and it wasn't a good idea to go out and get it so I hand-held my camera, braced against the window, used a long shutter speed and managed to capture a lightning strike that happened to catch the hill on fire across the street from us. Luckily the clouds let loose their rain right after and put it out a while later. A few pics from the drive below.