Three posts in a row about my graduating daughter. Well, it is a busy time right now, or rather was. Come and gone so fast and now we're getting ready to register her for college this week. What's that saying about where the time goes?? Sheesh, it's ridiculous.

You'll notice the new look on the blog and website because, well, I like to design and it's really hard for me to stick to one look. But, I think I'm happy for now so I'll try to keep my mitts off and let things just BE for a bit. We'll see how well THAT goes.

My baby is away from home for the first time. Spnding 3 weeks with my parents in central Idaho. Big move for her and us. Don't know who was crying harder at the final goodbye. But know she will have a great time exploring and fishing and arts-n-crafting with my mom and dad and the time will fly, as it is want to do when having fun (her, not us - I'll be missing her too much and doing nothing more exciting than work.) I think it's awesome my parents agreed to take on a 10-year-old for most of the month, know they love spending time with their grandkids but know it will make retirement a little busier than normal.