The theme this week at I [heart] faces is "Sepia". This is one of my favorite photos of my youngest daughter. Her relaxed expression made her appear older than she was (7 here) and I think wise beyond her years. The sepia toning enhanced it, removing color as an element and suits the graininess, which is part of what I love about the photo. Wanted to use a photo of her for this entry as this little imp is visiting her grandparents for 3 whole weeks - her first time away. I miss her so much. Today is my birthday and it didn't seem right without her here (or my oldest who is also gone for the week helping run a volleyball camp.) I decided our family tradition of birthday dinner out at the birthday-ee's restaurant of choice would have to wait until they're both home. No fun with 2/3 the brood gone. Love and miss you girlies!