It occurred to me that I don't blog as often as I think about blogging, which sort of implies I'm not doing anything interesting. I mean if I didn't find something interesting, why on earth would I be doing it? And since I feel like I am always doing something, I probably have plenty of stuff to be blogging about. Case in point, I made homemade blackberry cobbler two nights ago and it was amazingly good. My "secret" ingredient is to add coarsely chopped sugar cookies to the oats/sugar/butter crumbly topping. Of course I took a photo, because, honestly, I only cook if I think there might be a photo op in there somewhere. Or an eating op.

I crocheted the cutest poncho for the cutest girl. No photo yet, but I'm sure her mama will take one soon. I used these flowers from the ever-ingenious master of color, Sarah London (insert cockney British accent here, as I can't say "Sarah London" without pronouncing it "Seer-ahh Lawn-den".)

I've made velcro-attachable seatbelt strap covers for my office moms with smallish kids who say the seatbelt cuts into their wee little necks. I am making one for me too to punish hubby who threw away my sheepskin one months ago, deigning it not manly enough for when he drives my car. The punishment will come in the form of the luscious Heather Bailey or Anna Maria Horner fabrics I intend to use. He'll be wishing for plain old sheepskin by then!

I have made a boatload (OK, a small boat) of camera strap covers as well. Pics to come of the new ones. They are $20 each + shipping. Oh and the seatbelt straps are $10 each + shipping.

I've made 3 (three!) crocheted, felted bags. One has sold, the other two are just sitting in the living room at the moment.

If you're interested in visuals, check back in a couple days when I can edit this to add photos. I'm blogging from email right now and I'm sure I haven't a clue how to include photos in an email meant for a blog.