Things I love: Knowing I got "the photo" and not even feeling a need to double check the viewfinder. Orange soda and french vanilla ice cream floats. Rainier cherries. Long days. Good sleep. Depth of field and bokeh that lasts for days and days. Easy schedules. Knowing I can think of a thousand other GREAT things that make the not-so-great seem insiginificant.

Not-so-great things: People that ask "what are you doing" from about 2 inches behind you. Hello, I don't owe you an explanation. Cavity fillings that turn into root canals with no warning ("you're here now, might as well take care of it.") People so misguided they believe the lies they've even told themselves.

Photos above are: 1. 256 / threesixtyfive, 2. And one meant for me, 3. 245 / threesixtyfive, 4. 248 / threesixtyfive, 5. 244 / like an orange dream in a tall glass, 6. Untitled, 7. 247 / threesixtyfive, 8. 255 / threesixtyfive, 9. Patience