A crocheted rug I made for the bathroom floor. Love how it turned out, so colorful it makes me happy just seeing it. Since I am NOT a morning person, every little thing I can do to make mornings happier is a good thing. All cotton and super absorbant. Next one I make will be double-thick though, with two strands held together throughout.

I have had a few requests for the camera straps and think I will be doing those. If you're interested, let me know. These will be sleeves that slide over your existing strap, so I think $20 is a fairer price, since the others you can buy come with the strap as well (hence their higher price.) I figure if someone needs a strap sleeve, they must already have the camera and thus, the strap. Can someone with a Canon strap measure it's length and width and let me know. I only have Nikon and want to make sure I get it right for both cameras. Thanks!