Head on over to Teresa McFayden's blog for some fun "To be 9 again" declarations. Loved taking a little thought time to remember what it FELT like, to really remember. My post to her blog: This is one of the bestest posts I've read in a long time from all over blogland! I don't think I can remember 9....oh wait, figuring out the year helped, 1976, of course the bicentennial, so now...yes, my green denim watermelon bellbottom jeans. I should get to where those every single day. Which leads to the green faux fur coat. Hate it. Don't want to wear it ever again. Let's go to grandma's house more often. Either one, both are great and fun and awesome adventures. But at Grandma Shirley's house, more ice cream from the downstairs "extra" freezer and no more cream soda. ever. ewww. Sandwiches and chips though, bring it on! ANd Lagoon roller coasters till my legs are wobbly.