OK, they're little (4" x 2.25" including the spiral) and each has 5 coin envelopes inside, stamped one - five. The cover wraps around to protect and hold in the contents and tucks into the front like a matchbook. So petite and cute and perfect for holding money or love notes. A very good friend bought one for her husband and is filling each pocket with rare spices (he cooks), boudoir pics, love notes, felt hearts and even a lock of hair {swoon} I think it's so romantic.

I got the idea when trying to come up with a fun way to give my teen what she wants most for her birthday - money. Made a 10 pocket one and filling each pocket with $10 and $20 dollar bills. (My mom once got me an art bin "tackle box" and stuffed $1s and $5s into each compartment and I thought it was terribly clever and fun.)

These three each have 5 pockets, and again, they're small, so keep that in mind. $5 each plus shipping of $4.60 per package. They say, from top to bottom, "Superstar", "Love you" and "Take 5".