So, I thought it was cool that we were given a "free day" today. A whole 24 hours that only happens once every 4 years. That seems like something to celebrate. So I spent some of that "free" time and made a little present to myself. And then I thought "tonya, you need to share the goodness that the free day has brought you, because without the free day, you would not have created such goodness" (or something much less biblical sounding.) This is a set of 7 Photoshop brushes I'm calling "Botanicals" and if you email me, I will send you the set for FREE in honor of the FREE day. I made these in PS CS3 so no guarantees (or hate mail please) if they don't work with what you have. The cool thing about free days is stress is NOT ALLOWED. Oh, and I will be out of town Saturday am to Sunday pm so if you don't hear from me, don't panic - I WILL get the brushes to you if you want 'em.