Bought a stack of clearance fabrics last night. Not too matchy-matchy, but I thought they looked good together. A little punch of spring sunshine and my favorite graphic sensibility in black and white. Wasn't sure what I would do with them which usually means I will turn to my favorite standby: a bag (or purse). This is quilted and lined so it is really sturdy and has a good feel to it, like your favorite cotton quilt. And it's big, about 13x16. The front (left side of photo) is a wonky log cabin (wonky meaning I intentionally made sure it wasn't straight and perfect 'cuz that's not me) and the back (right side of photo) is made from the leftover "strings" (strings in quilting are the strips that aren't much good for anything else.) I love, love, love how this came out. Larger individual pics are on Flickr.

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