There are photographers who love to shoot and hate to process, but I am one who loves both parts equally. Before there was digital, there was film and I loved my time in the darkroom as much as my time behind the lens. To this day, the smell of a darkroom makes my mouth water. No kidding (and no clue why!) With the advent of digital photography, darkrooms are no longer part of the process. As a graphic designer and photographer, I was one of those in the forefront of personal computers and design software that led to photo-enhancing software. In fact, I used to be on the Adobe Photoshop (software) tech support team and was later made the manager of that team back when it was a fledgling little software. That experience combined with my more than 20 years photography and design background means I have a lot of knowledge to share.

So what this leads to is I like to make photos look their best as much as take them and time spent at the computer is fun for me! I've decided that in addition to my photography, I would like to offer my "processing" services to those that take their own photos. You would send me your photos and I would re-touch and process them with the same attention to detail as I would my own photos of clients. If you've seen the samples in my galleries, you'll have a good idea of my style. I've created an Etsy account ( where you can buy those services.