edit: well, that was fast! These are already spoken for so I'll get started on something else!

Don't really know if this will work (meaning if I have enough "traffic"), but I thought I would put some things for sale here as I make them. I've had several of you ask about buying things like aprons, scarves, hats, etc. I would totally like to do that but here is the rub: I love to make stuff, but I'm not so good if I HAVE to make something, know what I mean? Once it crosses the line from play to work it becomes a different thing - sometimes not as enjoyable. So I thought I would just do my thing and when I have something I think someone would like, I'll list it here. (Those of you who have made requests, I have them in mind and will get on them.)

Today I made this really cute set of 8 "Be Mine" cards/tags for the big V-day coming up. I will send 8 plain white envelopes along too, in case you want to mail them. They are 4.25" x 5.5" and are each different, but all coordinate. There is a small area on the bottom for your writing, or you can write on the whole back. They don't open like cards, but are are flat panels, quite substantial as they're backed with decorative printed cardstock as well as the cardstock and paper layering on the front. THey could also be hung like tags as each has a hanging ballchain with a metal heart charm (one is a star). They are very sweet, all handmade, with limited edition papers, vintage text book paper, grommets, charms, machine stitching, clips, and ink. And of course a cute paper heart stamped with "Be Mine" which is topped by a clear acrylic heart. I will mail them to you via USPS Priority mail. $12 + $4.60 shipping = $16.60 total. Just leave me a comment or email tonya@gauchogirl.com.