I had my first follow-up this morning and the Doc says I am "cruising along", LOL. I can put my full weight on my leg, and have walked a few steps without the crutches, although don't feel super steady that way yet so its more of a party trick at this point :) 'Cuz I go to SO MANY parties, right? Is it 1985? No? OK, maybe not so many anymore. Today I watched a CSI: Miami marathon, the only downside of course being David Caruso as Horatio Cain. Sorry but is there a worse actor on the PLANET? I think not. Well, I did a commercial once and apparently "I" am the worst actor on the planet, but David C has got to be hot on my unable-to-act heels.
I have a new LO up at Journaling Junkie and I really only mention it because it shows I've done something productive with my time, besides watching CSI:Miami. However, I'm not really liking how it came out so peruse at your own risk :) Been feeling the itch for paper in these hands but have entered some sort of block as I can't seem to put two pieces together to save my life right now. And that's OK. It will come back. Confidence is never something I've lacked.

Carsey has bogarted the remote and now Hannah Montana is prancing her way across the screen. But Carsey doesn't WATCH HM, if you ask her. No way, she's almost 15....

Shade and DJ are in Seattle for volleyball this weekend. I've heard accounts throughout the weekend and I think they did pretty good. Miss the games, will be happy when I am the volleyball mom again.
Have a good week, all!