Tagged by two of the most talented photographers I know, Melissa and Jen, with the always fun "8 things about you" meme. Does that mean I need to come up with 16 things? Hmmm, a challenge, as I don't know if there are 16 things about me that you don't already know (I'm pretty open about my weirdness.) I'll accept the challenge:

  1. I am a compulsive craft stash buyer/hoarder. I never have remorse, because I love it all so, but I do say "I will NOT buy anything else until XXX occurs (or time passes) and then I literally FORGET and buy something later. Often that same day. I would be SO GOOD, if only my memory was better.
  2. I can not only have one thing going on at once. I counted and as of this morning I have 6 knit or crochet projects going right now. 1 is more than 2 years old, 3 of them I have started in the last week and 2 I started last night. They all sit out in their various stages around the house and usually on the kitchen table. The same kithcen table that is currently piled high with scrapbook product too. Oh, and a sewing project is also sitting there.
  3. I bought two more bookshelves yesterday to hold my growing assortment of craft related books (already full are 3 full bookshelves) that have been piling up in furniture-sized stacks all over the house.
  4. I really get uncomfortable if a black cat crosses my path on the way somewhere. I will be extra cautious immediatley afterwards, and for as long as I remember the crossing.
  5. I remembered last night how much I absolutely LOVE fortune cookies. LOVE THEM. I tried making them once when I was a teenager but they didn't hold the fold right. Tasted good though. So I buy them when I see them, which is rarely, so if you're ever looking for a good gift for me, fortune cookies would be it. (lol, hint hint for I don't know who. My mom maybe?)
  6. Raspberries are my favorite fruit, which figures because they have the shortest season and are always hard to find around here. And I only like the fresh ones, not the frozen.
  7. I hate tart. Sour. Anything even remotely not sweet. Even green apples are too much for me. But I LOVE green apple flavored candy.
  8. I don't usually salt anything, didn't even own a salt shaker when I met my husband. Since then I have started salting turkey and fish and french fries, which makes them even better. He salts everything and way too much I think. Can't be good for him.
  9. I have to eat my potato chips IN my sandwich and usually my french fries IN my hamburger. (Depends on the fry.)
  10. I love waffles but then always feel sick after eating them. I think the sugar/carb rush is too much. But I forget this and always order them, eat them, LOVE them, and then, feel sick.
  11. In organizing the coat rack this morning I found 5 different purses (all of them I had made in the past) hiding underneath the coats and scarves. I love them all and couldn't get rid of any of them, even though two of the projects listed above are also purses.
  12. I hate the hours of 2:00-11:00 pm on Sunday afternoons. I always feel depressed that I know I have to go back to work the next morning and always feel stressed that now it is Sunday afternoon and I haven't done enough around the house (usually laundry.)
  13. I am super envious of my friends that don't work outside the home. Not that they don't work, but meaning they set their own hours. I HATE that I have to be somewhere at a certain time everyday.
  14. I wish I had like-minded friends (like many of you reading this) that lived near me so I could get some inspirational quality time with other women. I get none IRL, only via the web. I feel like that is missing in my life and think it is an important part of day-to-day life.
  15. My current favorite meal is a great grilled steak, baked potato with sour cream and a tossed green salad. Just like the one I had here.
  16. My favorite, non-crafting, thing to do is go to the movies.