What I love about weekends is that (for me) they are usually open. I had "plans" listed in the previous post, but the day didn't turn out much like that. No movie, no BBQ (though my MIL did have some awesome casserole I sampled), did fit in a trip to the fabric/craft store with Indy, took a few pics - though not as many as I hoped (my back is still healing), and created this layout to commemorate the day.

Journaling reads: Rented a Nikon 16mm f/2.8 fisheye lens from rentglass.com and today, Aug. 3, 2007, was the first day I could take it out. Because my Sciatica is still healing, I couldn’t do much, or for very long. I spent about 15 minutes in Grandma Judy’s backyard and a few minutes watching Indy paint a birdhouse. These 5 photos (including the background) are my favorite in that limited time.

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