Something a little different from me, I think. Really like it though, more randomly collagey than I've done before. It's a backwards hybrid LO. I sewed the circles to the fabric (not intending to do a LO, just playing on my sewing machine), loved it so much I brought it downstairs and just looked at it lots. (Do you do that?) Finally adhered it to cardstock as a "base", scanned it in and finished it up digitally. I like the softer, but not pastel, color.

Indy was SO HAPPY to get to ride a horse (her self-proclaimed very favorite thing in the whole world.) Then when the time came, so nervous. Sweetie said later, after it was all done, "it was weird mom, it was SO HOT outside (it was over 100) then when I got on the horse I was FREEZING and thought I needed to throw up or run away really fast." Too funny. I explained the concept of adrenaline and "fight or flight" but she insisted she wasn't nervous. LOL