I've notced lately that there are a few things that consistantly make me happy. Some I just remembered "hey, I really love that" and others I never forgot. In no particular order, these are some things that I always love:

American Typewriter font, Raspberries, Banana flavored anything (not actual bananas), good pizza, birds chirping outside, the sound of water, making something I think is beautiful, chubby beautiful pink babies, sitting outside in the shade on a warm day with nothing to do but breathe the sweet air (and hear the birds and water I mentioned before), watching a really entertaining movie that I can lose myself in, beautifully designed fonts from veer.com, colors that sing to me, processing a good image into a great photograph, my camera, computer and software, vacations with my whole family, coming home, the internet, good rootbeer, creamy peanut butter on toasted english muffins, waffles, ice cream, rainier cherries (best bought from a local family fruit stand), black frames with big white mats, painted white wood moulding/wainscotting/trim with colored walls, black as an accent color, warm homemade fruit muffins, natural fiber yarns, calendars, music, stars, my original-style crocs, mary jane shoes, seeing my daughters happy and healthy, Friends re-runs, laughing so hard with my husband that we're crying and gasping for air, hooded sweatshirts and jeans, books, funny tshirt and bumper sticker sayings, cotton quilts.

OK, enough for now, but I know this is just a start.