Two more layouts (plus a tag and a slew of cards) for today, or rather, last night. And I must say I GOT FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP LAST NIGHT!! Not in a row, mind you, but cumulative and wOo hoo, so happy, I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, that "light" I'm seeing might be the proverbial "end of the tunnel."

Last night I heard that old song that starts out "Sunshine go away today, I don't feel much like dancing..." and it SO FIT THE MOMENT. Look for it on a future layout, that sentence just too good to pass up. This morning, however I am happy to say that, yes, I DO feel a little like dancing. Things are moving upward and onward. Amen.

The other layout is here:

The girl can fish

Enjoy your day, it's the only one there is JUST LIKE IT!

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