Still not trying to avoid blogging, but my sciatic is still being pinched and I am still fairly miserable. Can't sit, stand, sleep or walk for any length of time (like more than 1 minute) without being really uncomfortable. The two worse things being to sit at my computer, which sucks, and getting out of bed, which really sucks, as I can't get much sleep. Am going to a chiropractor who doesn't "pop", but uses pressure/trigger point pressure to help release those knots of muscle that are so spasmed that they are pinching the nerve. Have seen him three times, and have noticed a small amount of improvement after each session, so I am optimistic, which is totally half the battle. I'll tell ya what, so far, turning 40, bites. There HAS to be room for improvement.

On the photo front, this image is from our trip to Idaho. I LOVE it, shows my big girls being big girls. Such personality they have. They left yesterday for their Dad's for most of the rest of summer. Sure hate this time of year, miss them horribly. Like 2/5 of my soul is missing. Yep, that's it exactly.

Here's to things looking up!