challenge, originally uploaded by Tonya Doughty.

you must photograph it. Indy is a black-and-white girl. There is no grey area with her. If she heard it somewhere (or THINKS she did), it is, and will forever be, gospel to her. Sometimes this is a real, honest-to-goodness challenge. So seeing this word, painted on an old peely vintage, scooby-do era van, which is also my most favorite of colors, was like the heavens opening up and the angels humming..."look, we have created this tableau just for YOU, Tonya, and surely you must photograph your children against it...", and thus, I did. I found AMAZING color in Idaho! Check the rest of my "Challis, ID" gallery on Flickr. The green, SO green, the decay, SO decayed. Ripe, verdant, lush, overgrown, decadent and yet, so natural.