From Wendy Smedley to Lain Ehmann to me:

Yourself: cold
Your Partner: on the laptop and telling the dog to lay down
Your Hair: unwashed, windblown and in pigtails. lovely.
Your Mother: anxious to see us later this week
Your Father: anxious to take us fishing
Your Favorite Item: the trifecta of my camera, Photoshop and computer
Your Dream Last Night: that I removed one earring. Which apparently I did as I'm only wearing one.
Your Favorite Drink: today it is a large pop with all ice to the top and whatever pepsi will fit
Your Dream Car: starts itself on cold, winter mornings
Dream Home: clean and uncluttered
The Room You Are In: family room
Your Fear: that my house will never be clean or uncluttered
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: in a clean and uncluttered house
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: a sick Shade on the couch and DJ in the recliner
You're Not: looking forward to going back to the real world (work) after my sick leave is over
One of Your Wish List Items: a 10-20mm wideangle lens
The Last Thing You Did: Watched Carsey's soccer jamboree
You Are Wearing: jeans and a black T
Your Favorite Weather: is in San Diego (75-80)
Your Favorite Book: no favorite, but I've read The Mummy, by Anne Rice, more than anything else
Last Thing You Ate: 2 polish sausage dogs

Your Life: would be vastly enhanced if I were in better shape
Your Mood: good as always
Your Best Friend: is myself
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: going to Quik-mart to get a large ice with pepsi
Your Car: gets no complaints from me. gets me where I need to go. a 2000 Ford Explorer.
What Are You Doing At The Moment: rubbing my hands together because as usual, DJ has the A/C on too high and it's pointed right at me.
Relationship Status: good but edgy. we have a lot of changes going on right now which can make us both short.