I don't know exactly what happened, but this girl just walked out the door on her first, official, date. She liked this boy, but he was a senior (she is a sophomore) and we kinda' said things that may have led her to believe she couldn't date a senior (maybe saying "no, you can't date seniors" had something to do with it??) Today she says "I had an interesting conversation with Dad last night. He asked if I had a boyfriend and I said no, but that I liked someone. He said 'well, have you asked him out?' and I said no, he's a senior. And he said 'yea, so?' And I said, well, Mom says I can't date a senior, he's 2 years older than me. And he says 'I was EIGHT years older than her...'." So, of course I reply with "well, yea, but we were adults then, that's different. Age isn't so important then." To which she replies "you were NINETEEN when you started dating Dad." Um, yea, but that was different... LOL. So I say "well, not that it matters anyway, it's not like he knows you like him, or he likes you, or he asked you out or anything." And this is where it all changed. "Yes, he did, today!" Oh. Great. So then I point out there is only 2 weeks of school left and then she will be gone for most of the summer at her Dad's and 'the boy' will be going to college in the Fall, etc. And she looks right at me and says "it's JUST a date Mom." It was at this point that I remembered telling her for years that she couldn't date till she was 16, which, of course, she IS. Damn, I forgot that part. Um, OK, I guess you can go on an official date (thinking I still had a week or so to adjust to the idea.) Half an hour later, she texts me "can I go to Starbucks with M?" (sadly, we're lazy enough that if she is upstairs and I am down, many of our conversations occur in text messages, emails or cell phone calls.) I gulped the big gulp (no, literally a big gulp. ya know from 7-11) and said y-e-s. 20 minutes (and THREE complete changes of jeans and t-shirt) later, she was out the door. O.M.G. DJ is watching the baseball game (go Mariner's!) and every few minutes he just shakes his head and says something along the lines of "I didn't have any time to adjust to this." LOL. (In case you got lost earlier, "Dad" and "DJ" are 2 different people. "Dad" is her Dad, who lives in Seattle, and was my first husband. DJ is my husband and her step-dad. He has been her step-dad since she was 5 years old, and he is as shot-gun ready as any biological Dad, LOL.)

In other news, this LO was one of the 6 winners at the OneLittleWord blog. So cool! Their next challenge is: STOP. Ooh, another good one! Play along!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Carsey's middle school was evacuated and all activities canceled today right as school was getting over because a gun was found on school properties. Is it weird that my knee-jerk reaction is to pull them out of school and move to a cement shelter in, like, the middle of Montana?