SO addicted to crunching ice right now. Yep, I know it's a commonly known symptom of iron-deficient anemia (for which I'm having a hysterectomy on Friday), but its the closest I've come to knowing what an "addiction" must feel like. I crunch (my partner at work asked "what are you doing, eating rocks over there?) through more than 250 ounces of ice every DAY. I would eat more if there were more hours in the day. As soon as one cup is gone, I want another. It actually keeps my awake at night, the craving so strong I can't sleep. The first thing I think of in the morning and first thing I eat, as early 6 a.m. My teeth are paying the price - fillings that were smooth now feel scratchy and irritate my tongue. Not looking forward to my next trip to the dentist, where I'm sure to get a lecture. And not to mention needing to, nay, HAVING TO, find a restroom every hour or so. As much as I LOVE ICE, I am so looking forward to not being a slave to it - hopefully in another month or so when my iron has had a chance to rebound. Hope my teeth last that long.
Anyone else have any (legal) addictions? LOL, I don't want to know if they're illegal. :)