Ha Ha, tagged by my sister from another mother (LMAO - that expression kills me). The super-busy Lain Lain (2 links because she is cool enough to have TWO blogs!) to divulge 7 random things about me. In no particular order:

1) I have to eat small, colored candies (like runts, skittles, M&Ms, etc) in such a way that there is always either an equal amount of each color left, or some "logical" pattern (like 2,1,2,1...). I also dump them out on my keyboard so they sit above the top most row of keys. That's where I "arrange" them.

2) I have Synesthesia, in particular the grapheme → color synesthesia version. For me, some numbers and letters have a color, and by have, I mean, when I say, or think of them, I "see (experience)" the color as if I was looking at it instead of the number. Like 4 + 5 = red + green. Weird, I know, but I can't help it. From what I have read, some people have it really bad (or good, depending on how you look at it, I guess), but for me it is pretty mild. A very interesting thing to read about - especially the people that actually taste non-taste things, like hearing a certain sound and actually tasting it in their mouths. Bizarre!

3) I am afraid of Aliens. I mean, like really afraid. Can't watch any alien movies because, like a little kid, I will have nightmares and lay in bed, terrified with the covers over my head. Reason being, IF they exist, and they make it to Earth, they're obviously a whole lot smarter than us.

4) I love cake. I mean, everyone pretty much loves cake, but I really love cake. If it's in the house, I will eat the whole thing. Not at once, but in only a couple days. But, I don't like most store-made cakes, so they're safe. It's the frosting - store-made cakes have that gross, lardy frosting that makes your mouth feel greasy. Ugh!

5) I can wiggle and move my baby toes independently of all the others. The rest stay still. My mom can do it too, as can one of my daughters.

6) I can't touch or reach my left foot. I broke my hip when I was a kid and when they pinned it, the pins caused a deformity to the ball of the femur so my left leg will not move to the side at all. Only forward and back. So in winter my hubby has to put my left sock and shoe on each morning. This is one reason I wear crocs year round, I can slip them on and off myself.

7) I have insanely huge stashes of craft supplies all over the house. Worse than someone who just scrapbooks, or knits, or sews, because I do all those, plus crochet and jewelry and beading and photography and quilting and painting and embroidery and reading about them all (man, do I love craft books). Every drawer, closet, shelf and basket is stuffed to the gills with supplies. I could craft until I was 100 and probably not use it all. This is not an admirable trait - it is 1 step on the packrat scale below the guy who lives in an apartment full to the top with 50 years of old newspapers. I can't hardly throw out any magazines and have stacks of them too. This is why I do not, and will not ever, get a newspaper supscription.

OK, that was all probably TMI. Pretty sure everyone I know has already been tagged, so I am tagging the next 7 people that read this. It's just kinda' fun to do. A personal growth and learning experience, right?

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