I know it looks like I mostly just throw stuff together, but I am not a super fast scrapper. I often have a hard time knowing when to stop (it's usually seconds after it's too late when I think, 'oh, that ruined it...') But in honor of the ScrapHappy blog challenge, I took the 30 minute dare. And I literally had to just stop at 30 minutes, or I could have easily spent another full hour (or more) on this. Many times I don't add anything else - I just try stuff out - until that little voice in my head says "OK, now it's done" - even if I haven't changed anything. But sometimes a layout will sit on my desk (or screen) for days until I hear that magical voice. So this is a product of the ScrapHappy challenge, a recent inspiration from Sande Kreiger who used a black background that I loved, and the good ole' clock, chiming at 30 minutes to stop right NOW.

Photos of this dolly by her momma, my pal, Steph.

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