My buddy Lain has started some fun dares on her site, Scrap Happy, with p-r-i-z-e-s even! Lain is a contributing editor at Simple Scrapbooks and one of the friendliest people I know! If you're looking for a little push out into the creative waters, stop by and try for a prize! (They're good, I know, having been the recipient on more than one occaision. AND, she KNITS!) This week's dare is "Well, I never!" meaning, to break out of a rut, do something you never do. I never use circles, I rarely scrap square format and I never do "simple". Well, "I" think they're simple, but I have a hard time saying enough is enough, so this was a challenge for me. Do I love the result? Well, I love the photos and it still says "me" so I love that I pushed myself. Will I try circles again? Probably.
Thanks Lain for the lil' push!

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