Indy: If you don't like doing the annual report, then why don't you just take the day off?
Me: I can't, it's due tomorrow.
I: You told us awhile ago that it was done. That's why we got to celebrate with ice cream.
M: That was a different deadline. A project as big as an annual report has lots of little deadlines and then one big one.
I: Oh, so do we get ice cream tomorrow?
M: Um, no, but we can on Friday, for 'friday treat'.
I: How come you have to do it anyway. Can't they get some other scrapbooker to do the annual report?
M: (lol) I don't scrapbook at work honey. I am a graphic designer.
I: Oh. Well, what is graphic design?
M: Everything you see that's been printed - like that Capri sun package you're holding, a graphic designer decided what pictures to use, what words to use, what the words looked like...Anything printed is designed by a graphic designer.
I: Oh, so if I draw a picture in (Microsoft) Paint and print it out, then I am a graphic designer?
M: There's a little more to it than have to know what you're doing.
I: Oh, I know what I'm doing.

This is exactly my problem. 500 other employees at my work think all you have to do is draw something in Paint and print it out and you, too, can be a graphic designer.