Having fun, feeling motivated, with challenges and dares lately. The new Look Book blog issued their first challenge: Use what you love. What a pleasure! Never really occured to me that this could make a difference (make it easier), but this layout came together probably faster than any other I've ever done. I literally gathered stuff I liked and set it on my desk. When I looked down things were laying in such a way that that WAS my page. All I did was slide cardstock underneath the pile and start adhering. What makes this true to my "style"? I love stars, mixing color and b & w pics, mixing large and small pics, leaving pics matted with a little white blank photo paper, using frames, rubber stamps, the color red, the color black as a grounding element, ribbon tabs sticking out, oversize photo corners, fortune cookie fortunes, some hand-doodling, the use of scraps and found stuff and lined/striped paper. Most any layout you'll ever see from me will have at least a few of these traits.
Fun challenge Look Book girls!